Tobey Maguire Getting Well Reimbursed for Pretending to be Superhero

September 17, 2008


Sony is reportedly ready to pay Tobey Maguire $50 million to shoot Spider-Man 4 and 5 back-to-back, plus grant him mornings and evenings off to spend with his young daughter. From Times Online:

In a victory for working fathers in Hollywood, the actor Tobey Maguire has been granted “family time” with his young daughter as part of an unprecedented deal to star in the next two Spider-Man movies.

Maguire was willing to shoot Spider-Man 4 and 5 back-to-back over six months next year but insisted he should take early mornings and evenings off so he could play with his “favourite blonde”, Ruby Sweetheart, who is 22 months old.

This arrangement does not sit well with Steve McQueen's wife Barbara, who for some reason was asked about it:

Some critics have mocked the current generation of Hollywood actors as “boy-men”. Steve McQueen’s widow Barbara said she could not imagine him asking for “family time” when making The Great Escape.

Firstly, why are you, Steve McQueen's widow Barbara, addressing the issue of if Steve McQueen is more manly than Tobey Maguire? Even if we assume for a moment that it's not plain to everyone that Steve McQueen is obviously manlier than Tobey Maguire, who gives a shit? Who is comparing Bullitt to the weird kid from Wonderboys? Did she call someone to say this? Did someone call her? I can't figure out why I would ever see the words "Steve McQueen's widow Barbara" if I'm neither reading an article about Steve McQueen nor Steve McQueen's widow Barbara.

Secondly, how is demanding time with your family during a half-year film shoot a reflection of manliness? He's not asking for pedicures and water bottled in diamonds. He's just saying, "Look, Sony. I don't really care to spend another six months of my life making two more Spider-Man movies when the last one was awful, especially when I'm raising a two-year-old daughter. But if you want to pay me an insane amount of money, plus meet my demands of allowing me to raise my child a bit every day, fine, I'll do it."

I'm just saying, sure, Tobey Maguire is undoubtedly less manly than Steve McQueen, but let's not act like taking money from a studio and wanting family time is the best indicator of that. It's more that he looks like a geeky little wiener.

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