Tom Cruise Continuing Fun Role Streak with 'Shrek 4'?

September 4, 2008


Tom Cruise is rumored to be up for the villainous lead in Shr4k 4. See guys? You all thought Tom Cruise was a crazy, high-ranking member of a powerful cult capable of poisoning Katie Holmes both mentally and physically, but you sure were wrong. He's just a fun guy, who likes fun, and doing fun things, like fun bit parts in Tropic Thunder, and fun voices in Shrek. It's just like when everyone thought he was gay, and then, bam, next thing you knew he's having babies with a woman, proving people wrong again--almost as if his entire life is carefully orchestrated to keep him looking favorable in the public eye. But we all know Tom Cruise would never do something like that. He's just too much of a cool, laid-back, fun dude, who might be in S4rek.

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