Universal Will Not Pay For Your 'Tintin' Movie, Steven Spielberg

September 22, 2008


Universal has rescinded financing on Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's CGI motion-capture Tintin project after learning they would never make any money on this whole Tintin scheme:

The two legendary directors submitted to Universal a 130 million dollar budget to produce a trilogy of films based on the beloved Belgian comic-strip boy reporter.

But Universal refused to green light the project, and production, scheduled to begin in October, is on hold until Spielberg and Jackson find other financing, the Times said.

Universal officials winced when they saw the two Hollywood luminaries demanding about 30 percent of the movie's total gross revenues, meaning that "Tintin" would have to rake in some 425 million dollars globally before the studios could break even, according to the newspaper.

In my understanding, the main problem is the price of digitizing the actors, which involves hiring a programmer to write an evil program and then waiting for a computer to get hit by lightning while the actors make a quiet wish that they could live in the video game, thus sucking them inside the screen for use in computer-animated films. We need to get that cost down somehow. Any ideas?

Universal deems Tintin movie too expensive [AFP]

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