Warner Tossin' Around Idea of a 'Watchmen' Sequel

September 18, 2008


Patrick Wilson, Nite Owl of the lawsuit-plagued Watchmen movie, admitted to MTV News that there has already been talk of a sequel. Kill me:

“It’s all been talked about,” laughed Wilson. “Financially, they like to do that. But all of us, [director] Zack [Snyder] included, all go, ‘How on Earth could you do a sequel or prequel?’”

While Wilson acknowledged the presence of a clause in his contract that allowed for sequels, he was quick to add that these types of arrangements are standard fare these days, citing their presence (and even more unlikely use) in Snyder’s previous blockbuster adaptation, “300.”

“Certainly, artistically, I can’t fathom how it would happen,” said Wilson. “But hey, if Alan Moore writes it, I’d love to read it.”

Look, Warner Brothers, I know the sequel part of the contract is standard, there for a "just in case" scenario like all those spare jars of Dr. Manhattan's blue body paint you'd love to use up in another movie or two, but don't. Don't do this. Never do this. And let's never bring it up again.

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