A Grid Detailing How Money Has Been Flushed Down the Toilet

October 7, 2008


I was just looking at Box Office Mojo, seeing if Get Smart really made enough to warrant a sequel (sadly, it did), and I noticed a link to the above chart on the front page. Is this depressing to anyone else? Just that Disney alone has made enough talking dog movies to warrant a comparison grid is bad, but seeing exactly how much people have paid into this detestable genre is vomit in my face holes. I mean, just the idea that talking dogs in a movie is not a bizarre anomaly but an entire genre, that's awful. But dogs playing human sports is a separate genre from that! Those are two individual things that, as a society, we've decided we want to see repeatedly. Forget drama, comedy, romance--we don't need them. Let's just find more things for dogs to do unexpectedly. Dogs doing construction? Driving bulldozers, mixing concrete? Have we done that yet? Let's do that then. Then let's make a grid detailing exactly which dog construction movies made the most money, and let's stop making any more entertainment.

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