Bacon Wishes Zac Efron 'Best' for 'Footloose' Remake

October 22, 2008


Kevin Bacon is a god, capable of both givething and takething away. If you're going to try to remake one of his movies, you're going to want to get his blessing, lest your movie dry up into an arid wasteland incapable of sustaining crops or a $20 million weekend. Good thing he's wished Zac Efron the best on the Footloose remake:

Kevin Bacon has officially given his blessing to Zac Efron over his role in a remake of the classic 1980s film FOOTLOOSE. Efron is to assume the role originally played by Bacon in the new film, which is being directed by Kenny Ortega.

I met Zac briefly at an event and we talked, only briefly, but he seemed like a really nice kid," Bacon told Heart FM. "I really do wish him all the best with it."

Bacon then added, "Also, I wish him all the best in being so successful and prolific in mainstream film as to warrant an entire effin' game based around how well-connected you are to so many other famous actors. Yeah, good luck with that you little turd."

Kevin Bacon gives Footloose blessing to Efron [Hollywood News (via /Film)]

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