'Bedtime Stories' Poster is Rich with Sandler

October 9, 2008


I'm sorry, Bedtime Stories, but this poster asks a more dire question than "what if the stories you told came to life?" How about "what if the stories you told came to life, and for some reason all involved various historical interpretations of Adam Sandler?" Then what? Forget that your stories are coming to life; why do all of your stories involve Chariot Driver Adam Sandler, or Cowboy Adam Sandler, or Knight Adam Sandler? What is wrong with your brain that you would think such things? And now, since you kept telling those Adam Sandler stories, and because they keep coming to life, you've brought like ten or twenty Adam Sandlers into our world, and now we've had to stop production on every other movie we were making just to devote all of our resources to making enough bland comedies to provide roles for all these Sandlers, and someone else who has the power to bring stories to life (Brendan Fraser?) has had to start telling equivalent Rob Schneider stories just so that there are enough Rob Schneiders to have minor supporting roles in all these Adam Sandler movies. That's the movie I want to see.

Bedtimes Stories Poster [IMPA]

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