'Delgo' Trailer Finds New Level of CGI Creepiness

October 29, 2008


When computer-animated characters border on reality but don't quite reach it, a point is reached called the "uncanny valley", making the slightly-off characters "fucking creepy." Delgo, the Romeo & Juliet romance meets the stilted comedy and battles of The Phantom Menace animated movie, never comes anywhere near reaching that, but it does necessitate the creation of a new term of CGI discomfort. What should we call the intersection point of animated simian, fairy, and V's lizard-aliens? Besides horrible to look at.

Here's the trailer for Delgo, which vocally reunites the Freddie Prinze Jr./Jennifer Love Hewitt romance of I Know What You Did Last Summer (you wanted that, right?):

Was that Val Kilmer's voice you heard? Yes, that was Val Kilmer. He's not above a Delgo here and there.

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