Either Starsky or Hutch Directing 'Chicago 7'?

October 23, 2008


Well, DreamWorks, looks like you aren't going to get Spielberg to direct The Trial of the Chicago 7, Aaron Sorkin's script about the 1968 riots at the Democratic convention. Time to move on to plan B. Has anyone directed Robert Downey Jr. in blackface for a popular comedy spoofing Hollywood? Yes? That's perfect, second only to Steven Spielberg. Get that person. That's your man. Thusly:

"The Trial of the Chicago 7," the DreamWorks project about the 1968 riots at the Democratic convention and their aftermath, is a high priority for the newly configured studio and is moving forward quickly.

The latest well-known director who has met on the project is Ben Stiller; while the discussions for Stiller to helm the film are very much at the exploratory stage, the actor and DreamWorks are mulling whether such a pairing would work for both parties. A "Chicago" gig would mark a departure for Stiller, who has directed such successful comedies as "Tropic Thunder" and "Zoolander," but has not helmed a serious political picture of this kind before.

Despite all of the horrible comedies he's been in, Stiller isn't a bad director, and could probably do a very competent job with this. But at the same time, when I hear Ben Stiller is directing a serious film, all I can think is when he directed a war drama on Extras. Regardless of how well he might direct The Trial of the Chicago 7, the real disappointment is going to be if we don't hear that he quoted Meet the Fockers box office figures on set.

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