God, Look at All This 'Star Trek'

October 16, 2008


All across internet, new production stills from Star Trek have turned up, such as the above shot from UGO. It's Chekov, Kirk, Scott, Bones, Sulu, and Uhura! Not pictured: Spock, Worf.

Below the cut: five more.


From JoBlo: Eric Bana, as the villainous tattooed Nero, plans an attack, possibly against Worf.


From AICN: Spock chokes out... is it... KIRK!? (photo by Worf)


From TrekMovie: An attack on a Federation (Worf's?) ship.


From MTV: The Enterprise bridge and crew--except for Worf, who is probably in sick bay after fighting with one of those giant Klingon sword things.


From IGN: Kirk exits a shuttle pod, climbing the walls of an ice planet not at all like Worf's home of Kronos.

And from IMDB: Worf:


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