Good News for Home Box Office Comedy

October 23, 2008


I don't have HBO (I possess nothing that could ever be regared as "premium" anything), but as a fan of DVD sets and criminal downloading, I'm pretty excited by a couple things I read today regarding the cable network's comedy lineup.

1. Variety reports Curb Your Enthusiasm season seven will start shooting in December, with ten new episodes coming next year. Who is Larry David going to provide disaster relief to this season? I can't wait to find out!

2. On Ricky Gervais's blog, he said (possibly joking?) he's started work on another Extras special:

Steve must have seen the thing in the press about me thinking about doing another Extras Special. He's in LA at the moment but the story that went out across America was that, although I would consider it, I thought Steve would take some convincing. Well I got an email today from him saying he's up for it. I started work on it immediately. Does anyone know Al Pacino?

Now where's news of a surprise Arrested Development special so we can hit my favorite-fairly-recent-television-comedy trifecta?

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