'Gran Torino' Trailer Will Growl Its Way Into Your Heart

October 24, 2008


After all the negativity I've thrown at Beer for My Horses and Punisher: War Zone, it might seem like I have a problem with vigilante justice in cinema. Well, that isn't the case. I simply like to see vigilante justice movies properly executed. No country music-laden montages; no spinning from a chandelier firing machine guns; just one pissed off old guy (preferably Clint Eastwood) snarling like an angry Muppet, waving around his finger gun, and occasionally washing his classic car. Now that's violently taking the law into your own shriveled hands!

My favorite part of this trailer is where it flashes back to a previous part of the trailer. You don't see that enough:

(Thanks, Andrew.)

I definitely want to see this once I'm ready to handle staring at that grimace for two hours.

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