Hayden Christensen Signed to Act Wooden in Three Movies

October 2, 2008


You're hanging out with your friends. You're all bored, looking for something to do. Someone thinks it might fun to watch those newer Star Warses again; someone else suggests you get some beer. You're having a good time, tossing a few back--next thing you know, you're waking up next to a vomit-covered three-picture contract you apparently signed with Hayden Christensen, and you're like, "Man, when did we do that?"

It happened to Clint Culpepper, and it can happen to you (provided you, like Culpepper, are president of a film studio):

Screen Gems has made a three-picture deal with Hayden Christensen.

The deal adds two more pictures to the thesp's Screen Gems slate, following "Bone Deep," the John Luessenhop-directed crime drama that began lensing in September.

Pact calls for Christensen to bring the studio projects that he finds with Tove Christensen, his brother and partner in Forest Park Pictures.

"Hayden is a very talented and versatile actor with a proven worldwide box office history," Culpepper said.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

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