He-Man Movie Does Not Have the Power

October 17, 2008


Well, it sounds like a He-Man movie probably isn't going to happen. Sorry, everyone who really wanted a He-Man movie. From Latino Review:

So what is the latest on one of my favorite scripts of the year – Justin Marks’ GRAYSKULL?

Nothing. As it stands, the project is dead at Warner Brothers.

The studio gave the execs at Silver Pictures a very small list of A-director names they would consider making the film with, amongst them Doug Liman and Bryan Singer who both passed. There were some up and coming directors that were gung ho on the script, but the studio wasn’t feeling them.

Another reason and perhaps the biggest was that Navid McIIhargey, the exec who brought in He-Man to Silver Pictures, left the company last month to become a Senior VP at New Regency as reported last month in both trades.

Just as well. We were greedy to ever ask for another try after the Dolph Lundgren attempt on the '80s toy character was such a... victory?

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