Jack Black Playing Fat, Fake Jason Bourne

October 1, 2008


So a couple guys went into Universal the other day and were like, "Hey, we made that panda ninja cartoon movie. Anyway, you know Bourne Identity, right? How he's got amnesia but he's a spy guy? What about a movie like that, but the guy only thought he was a spy, when he was actually just fat? That's the movie." In response, Universal said, "Here's a million dollars." It's truth:

Jack Black is reuniting with "Kung Fu Panda" writers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger for an untitled live-action action comedy at Universal.

A sort of comedic "The Bourne Identity," the story sees Black as an American who finds himself washed up the shores of Cuba with no idea of who he is and how he got there. He comes to the conclusion that he must be a superspy, though in reality he is far from one.

Universal picked up the project as a pitch in a seven-figure deal.

On the shores of Cuba, eh? I hope these guys figure out how to work in some culture clash jokes and something about Castro. Those are always classics.

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