'Madagascar 2' Thoroughly Enjoys 'Moving It'

October 21, 2008


I have sat through several sense-numbing Madagascar 2 trailers and sifted through several more of its gaudy posters, and pretty much every one of them feature the song "I Like to Move It" in one way or another. None of that in any way prepared me for this: a music video of Will.i.am's Madagascar 2-specific cover of "I Like to Move It"? This is too much. This is where I say, OK, you win. I'll say I like to move it too. Just stop.

But before I concede, just tell me, why, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, do you have this Moby Dick-level obsession with the "I Like to Move It" song? Why has Will.i.am decided to take a break from ill-conceived political anthems to cover the "I Like to Move It" song? And, most importantly, why does every depiction of a CGI animal have to be so inappropriately sexualized? Normally it's only mildly offensive, since the creatures appear anatomically genderless as they gyrate, but man, these chimps have PENISES. Just what is going on here?

Start your day with some retching:

An old lady dancing? That's CRAZY! Chimps with penises? Accurate, yes, but come on.

Will.i.am's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Music Video! [Coming Soon]

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