'Marley & Me' Trailer Reminds Us Dogs That Aren't Talking Chihuahuas Are A-Holes

October 17, 2008


Why would you take a by-the-books Owen Wilson/Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy and combine it with the dog-as-a-mildly-sentient-asshole antics of Marmaduke? Because it's possible!

My favorite part is when "Bad to the Bone" starts playing. At that point I know, this dog must be a truly horrible dog. The music is laying it all down for me. Euthanize that puppy before he pulls his own logo into the frame and that familiar red-on-white lettering tells us this is meant to be a comedy. Give this dog the canine parvovirus before it ruins your fictional marriage, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. It's the only way when a dog is that bad to the bone.

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