Matthew Perry is 17.... Again! And Here's the Trailer

October 22, 2008


I find it so hard to grasp that age-changing movies are a genre unto themselves. What is this, like the twentieth since 1980? It makes sense to do it once as a funny concept, but come on. This is like basing a genre on Being John Malkovich--every year, another high concept comedy where someone takes over the body of a new celebrity. "This horny high schooler wanted nothing more than to get inside Jessica Simpson. Until one day..."

There's no way we'd tolerate that as a genre, would we? Actually, yeah, we probably would. Just like we're putting up with yet another age-changing movie. This time: Matthew Perry just can't seem to connect with his kids--until he is a kid! The kid from High School Musical! Again!

Tell me, is Brian Doyle Murray Murphy (whups!) meant to be Santa? The beard and chimes when he grants wishes tell me he might be Santa.

Also, I like the implication that 17 Again is better at basketball this time around. The ideal athlete is the body of a teen, the mind of a grown man! And teens love snacks!

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