'Ninja Scroll' Movie Sure to Anger 'Ninja Scroll' Fans

October 27, 2008


Warner Bros. has purchased the live-action rights to Ninja Scroll, the second anime I watched in high school because I heard there was graphic violence and nudity. From Variety:

Warner Bros. has acquired rights to turn the Japanese action thriller anime "Ninja Scroll" into a live action feature. Alex Tse has been set to write the script.

"Scroll," set in feudal Japan, revolves around ninja for hire is forced to fight an old enemy who will stop at nothing to overthrow the government. DiCaprio is not planning to act in the film.

The only thing I remember about the movie was that there was a lot of spurting blood and I think a woman got raped by a tree man (if that's not actually a scene in the movie, I apologize, and you may page Dr. Freud, but I swear the was a scene), but somehow I doubt those scenes would be the focus of the film. So honestly, I have no idea what this movie will be like, and I'll probably wait until the "Look How We Fucked This Up, Japan: Dragonball/Ninja Scroll" DVD box set to find out.

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