People Trying to Murder Ashton Kutcher

October 22, 2008


Kutch has a new movie! It sounds like Kill Bill as a horribly broad comedy starring Ashton Kutcher:

Lionsgate has set Ashton Kutcher to star in and Robert Luketic to direct "Five Killers," an action comedy that will begin production early next year.

Kutcher will play a former hit man whose life is turned upside down because someone from his past has paid a group of killers to bump him off.

God, his life is so upside down since all this attempted murder started! Everything is crazy!

I'm just curious if Kutch is going to be the wacky, supposedly-funny one or if they'll get Kevin James and some people to fill in the comedy as bumbling killers. Is it being greedy to ask for both? Tell me it's both!

Ashton Kutcher set for 'Five Killers' [Variety]

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