The Collateral Damage of 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'

October 24, 2008


Look what you've done now:

More than 100 high-energy Chihuahuas abandoned by owners have been crowding Santa Barbara County's three shelters in recent months, leading Animal Services officials to stage this week's Adopt-a-Chihuahua Week.

Each adopted Chihuahua comes with its own pink carrying case, trimmed in fake black fur.

Well, at least they come with these sweet carrying cases. It's like those vinyl compartmented things they used to sell to hold G.I. Joes, only with dogs. But why is this movie related? Because, as with most sadness, Beverly Hills Chihuahua is at least partially to blame:

Chihuahuas became hip after the 2001 release of "Legally Blonde," whose star Reese Witherspoon brings her Chihuahua along to Harvard Law School. Paris Hilton was also seen toting her Chihuahua, and the movie hit "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" is still in theaters.

The worst is going to be when Hotel for Dogs* comes out, and shelters quickly fill with every breed of strangely-expressive dog. So, everyone, stop adopting everything you see engaged in biologically impossible speech just because it's in a movie. Thanks.

*This is assuming Hotel for Dogs is a real movie, not a satirical fake movie from an episode of Seinfeld (i.e., Sack Lunch).

Unwanted Chihuahuas crowd Santa Barbara shelters [SF Gate] (Thanks, Sarah.)

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