'The Uninvited' Trailer Should Be Invited Into Your Eyeballs

October 3, 2008


Hey, ghosts, c'mon. Not cool. You guys, you weren't invited. C'mon, guys, get out of here. Stop being crashers. I was told to go home and forget about my dead mother, and you ghosts being around is distracting me from gratuitously prancing around in a bikini with my hot sister, which is how I cope. Wait, what's that you say, ghosts? My new mom Elizabeth Banks murdered a family by lethal injection? Hmm, let me just Google "murders" and see if she did any of them. Ut oh, she did! And now she wants to murder me with jewelry! I'm sorry I didn't invite you, ghosts. Now I know better, that it was my new mom I should have not invited:

God, they were making out so hard they almost broke that orb.

Higher quality here, thanks to Kyle.

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