Yikes, It's a Boogeyman! Three! Trailer!

October 23, 2008


Ready to be modestly entertained by some cheap startles and low-budget gore? I sure hope so, because this January, Boogeyman 3 is coming to DVD (wisely cutting out the greedy middleman known as a theater so that we can freely express our fright and pure jubilation from the comfort of our homes). Should we be worried that the majority of the trailer concerns itself with the previous installations of the Boogeyman franchise, barely touching on the newest offering? Yes--we should be worried we have to wait to see more Boogeymen!

I'm still surprised a Boogeyman movie ever got made. Who's afraid of Boogeymen? The threat is so vague. The Boogeyman is the MSG of horror creatures: I know to avoid it, but I couldn't tell you anything more specific than that.

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