'Yo Gabba Gabba!' is Movie-Bound, Will Have Amazing Cameos, I Bet

October 21, 2008


Have you ever flipped past Nickelodeon and wondered why Elijah Wood is dancing with colorful monsters, or why Biz Markie is breathing directly at you? Let me ease your mind: you weren't mad with disease. It was Yo Gabba Gabba, the hippest show for kids and stoned adults! I mention this because they're making it into a movie:

This week's shows feature musical guests I'm From Barcelona, Money Mark and Datarock, along with actors Amy Sedaris and 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer. Jack Black will appear later this season.

A feature film is in the works, says Charles Rivkin of Gabba producer Wildbrain.

I'm game, so long as this dancing kid is involved. That kid is a cool breeze in the slightly umcomfortable heat of life. He's got it all figured out. Hold on to it, Nathaniel. Don't let it go like I did.

Rumor alert! I hear that they're going for a gritty, Dark Knight feel, and that Brobee is going to make the Joker look like an asshole.

'Yo Gabba Gabba!' is monstrous fun for kids, adults [USA Today]

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