Another 'Watchmen' Poster Deluge

November 11, 2008


Six new posters for Watchmen have been spread to various media outlets, each poster depicting a character from the film standing or squatting near a quote. Above, from the LA Times, is the Comedian lighting his cigar with a flamethrower--the third coolest way to light a cigar after dragon's flame and hellfire. Below the cut: the remaining five!


From EW: Dr. Manhattan quotes the Monty Python parrot sketch.


From MTV: Silk Spectre admits she used to go out at 3 a.m. and do stupid things. Probably like going to Denny's with some friends and ordering way too many fries.


From Wired: Ozymandias looks too much like Chris O'Donnell's Robin.


From Access Hollywood: Nite-Owl hates the right to demonstrate so much.


From USA Today: Rorschach poops.

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