Don't Tell My Brain B.R. Cyrus Joined 'Spy Next Door'

November 26, 2008


Four new cast members have been added to Jackie Chan's The Spy Next Door, including one man who, you may recall, rose to fame after nearly dying when a woman almost caused his heart to explode by breaking up with him. From IGN:

Billy Ray Cyrus and Amber Valletta will appear in the family film about a babysitter who must protect his children from a group of agents when they download a secret code.

Chan has already been cast as the babysitter in question, while Valletta will play the childrens' mother and Achy Breaky singer Cyrus will be one of the agents.

Former sitcom star George Lopez will play a CIA man, while Katherine Boecher rounds out the cast as a Russian underworld operative.

Brian Levant (Snow Dogs, Are We There Yet?) directs from a script by Jim Greer and Jonathan Bernstein, with the film currently shooting in Albuquerque, N.M.

I thought B.R. Cyrus had retired from acting to concentrate entirely on pimping his daughter and denying her a healthy childhood. Why hire him? You only cast Billy Ray Cyrus to act if you're hoping to woo Miley Cyrus for your next movie or if you're a total fool (or if you're David Lynch casting Mulholland Drive, in which case you're crazy, and probably have a mouthful of panties). Have these people not accidentally flipped past Billy Ray's Doc reruns on Ion? He's an awful actor. And, as this clip shows, a questionable doctor:

It's like they say, laughter is hospital room dance parties are the best medicine.

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