First Look at Monster Thing from 'Dragonball'

November 6, 2008


Over at, they've posted what they claim is an early look at the protagonist, Goku, in monster form. If you know as little about Dragonball as me (I basically only know that the series involves a lot of screaming), you're probably thinking, wait, besides all the flying around on clouds, someone turns into a monster? Apparently:

Oozaru (大猿 Ōzaru, lit. Great Monkey) is a fictional transformation in the Dragon Ball manga series and anime adaptation, written by Akira Toriyama. Originally in the series, the Oozaru was a transformation for the main character named Son Goku, being a parody of a monkey king character named Sun Wukong from the novel The Journey to the West. In the series, the Oozaru is a giant ape that Goku turns into when he looks at a full moon, similar to that of a werewolf.

I have the feeling fans are not going to be pleased with this:


Supposedly this may be an unfinished model. I guess that's good, because right now it looks nothing like an ape. What it looks like is a gargoyle meets asparagus meets Down syndrome.

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