'He's Just Not That Into You' or This Lazy Poster

November 25, 2008


Movie poster designers, there's been a misunderstanding. When myself and other internet people complain about the overuse of Photoshop, we generally mean that the stars are being airbrushed into a featureless oblivion, or that it's very apparent that no one is actually in the same room for the photo, or that Ben Stiller's head has quite obviously been thrown on a different body, and we're suggesting that maybe Photoshop shouldn't be used quite so heavily and lazily. We never meant to not use Photoshop at all, instead choosing to just do a Google image search for each star, grabbing the first image you find of them smiling, and dragging the variously-sized images into a rectangle. That makes it looks like a romantic comedy Atari game where each pixel is a random actor.

Anyone else who watched NBC's Ed notice this reunion of Warren Cheswick and Diane Snyder? Anyone else watch Ed at all?

Not Into You Poster [Jo Blo]

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