'Not Another Not Another Movie': A Nightmarish Parody of Parody Movies

November 11, 2008


Inside Hollywood's womb, something is growing so grotesquely inbred that I have no way of describing its deformed wretchedness. Luckily, the Hollywood Reporter has already laid it out (via The Hater, via Halcyon):

Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds, Vinnie Jones, Michael Madsen and "Stuttering" John Melendez are spoofing the nonstop flood of spoof films in the upcoming indie comedy "Not Another Not Another Movie."

Chase plays a studio head who quits his floundering company, leaving his ex-con sibling (Madsen) in charge. Soon their equally inept gangster friend (Jones) takes over and assigns a production assistant (David Leo Schultz) to direct a spoof of spoof movies. Reynolds plays an actor playing the director of the chaotic film within the film.

Writer-director David Murphy's "Movie" features cameos from actors playing themselves spoofing their memorable roles, including Richard Tyson (the villian in "Kindergarten Cop") and Wolfgang Bodison (the young African-American Marine on trial in "A Few Good Men").

Look, I can understand wanting to make fun of spoof movies and the people who make them. I do it all the time. I just did it yesterday. But I did not make a movie about people making a spoof movie spoofing a spoof movie that spoofs other movies. That's too many layers for society to handle. The fact that you'll (seemingly) be acknowledging that your movie within a movie is terrible does not make it nor the greater movie any less hellish. If one dog barking makes another dog bark, which then makes yet another dog bark, it doesn't matter if the third dog is actually a guy pretending to be a dog, mocking the second dog. In the end, we're still left with more endless, agonizing noise.

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