'Nottingham' Double-Role Controversy Clarified. PHEW!

November 13, 2008


Speaking to Digital Spy, Ridley Scott has clarified the duel-role/split-personality controversy regarding Russell Crowe's part in Nottingham. Sort of:

"In the context of the story he starts off as one thing, becomes the guise of another and then has to retire to the forest to resume his name Robin," [Scott] explained. "So he was momentarily the Sheriff of Nottingham."

In an interview, Ron Howard added:

As an aside, he also mentioned that Ridley Scott's Nottingham will probably be seen like the "Gladiator version of Robin Hood," referring to Scott's Oscar-winning epic, "an origin story."

So Robin tries to work within the system as a pseudo-sheriff, then goes loose cannon and becomes classic thief Robin Hood? That could work. Let's hope there's a scene where the Commissioner of Nottingham demands Robin Hood's badge and bow. So dramatic whenever that happens.

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