'Star Trek' Trailer Meets 'Smallville' Now

November 19, 2008


I don't understand how this happens. Monday, the Star Trek trailer comes out. By Tuesday afternoon, we've got a Beverly Hills 90210/Star Trek trailer mash-up. Then by that night, I get an email from a Mr. Rick Kelvington showing me he's made a highly-polished Smallville version. How does this happen? I didn't know anyone watched Smallville, let alone considered it an option as a basis for a Star Trek trailer parody, but there it is. To think, before the internet, we would have had to wait months for someone to dub this on a tape and sell it for $20 at a comic convention:

I'll assume the intro to Smallville resembles that.

Can I start making requests? I want something with the Perfect Strangers, where it makes Kirk and Spock seem like Larry and Balki, respectively.

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