'The Wrestler' Trailer Flying Elbows Onto I-Net

November 21, 2008


Man, Mickey Rourke is hard to look at. In this trailer, when he says he's "a broken down piece of meat," he is not kidding. I recommend only looking at his face by poking a pinhole in a box and letting his shadow form on a paper plate (instructions). Despite that, this looks really good, even though the combination of sad images/dialogue and depressing Bruce Springsteen song make you want to kill yourself (or let Mickey Rourke kill himself). The best part is when he emerges from the back of a van, and the group of children attack him like the monster he is:

(Thanks, everyone who sent this. HD here.)

I bet this ends up being surprisingly big. It seems like Aronofsky's films usually miss the crowd that wears Undertaker shirts to work, but they'll be lovin' this. "I told you it was real!"

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