This 'Beethoven's Big Break' Trailer is MY Bacon!

November 10, 2008


My friend Kevin just sent me this trailer to the new Jonathan Silverman-starring Beethoven movie under the assumption I had been avoiding recognizing it for a month-and-a-half. In actuality, I knew nothing of it because only Jonathan Silverman's parents had been notified of its existence.

It's called Beethoven's Big Break, because this is a meta Beethoven: Beethoven the giant, horrible, misbehaving dog with a penchant for inappropriately jumping on things gets his "big break," and becomes a film star, playing himself in a Beethoven-like movie. It appears to be written and/or directed by someone who never saw as much as a preview for a prior Beethoven, and thinks jumping on a dining room table and shaking himself on a bed is somehow a new place to go with this character. Either that or they think that shaking off mud on a bedspread is Beethoven's equivalent of a catchphrase. And they found the weirdest looking kid to co-star:

I really hope "That's MY bacon!" becomes a saying in its own right. You'd say it when someone takes something really good from you, like bacon. "You slept with my wife!? That's MY bacon!"

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