Vampire Teen Romance is Really Popular

November 24, 2008


Why your local theater felt like a Forever 21 this weekend:

1. Twilight - $70.6 million. This is why I'm really glad we didn't pass that proposal that would let 13-year-old girls vote.

2. Quantum of Solace - $27.4 million. Now we've seen how Bond competes against vampires at the box office, but what about if he actually fought vampires? I still think he'd do OK.

3. Bolt - $27 million. I always said people would pay to hear John Travolta's voice in any form, but it turns out I may have been wrong. I might have to reconsider my personalized John Travolta voicemail business plan.

4. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - $16 million. Spoiler alert: Madagascar escapes 2 Africa.

5. Role Models - $7.2 million. I'm too transfixed by this vampire's icy stare to come up with anything about Role Models.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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