Can You Handle MORE 'SPEED'???

December 3, 2008


AICN is reporting that, despite Sandra Bullock's able handling of an out-of-control boat scenario, vehicular travelers may still not be safe drive at their own pace. Fox is supposedly interesting in making a third chapter of the Speed series, and is considering bringing Keanu Reeves back to the role of Jack Traven. The news makes me hopeful the studio is considering using my script, Speed Through Time, in which Keanu travels at such a high speed that he travels through time, and the Speed premise is used to explain famous historic events. A lot of: "Oh no, I've got to get this ocean liner under control... and it's the Titanic! Ut oh, now I've got to ride this horse at a constant 35mph... and I'm Paul Revere!" I really take the Speed concept to the next level, that next level being Quantum Leap with Keanu Reeves and speed-based terrorism.

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