Here's Jason with a Sack Over His Head

December 9, 2008


I'm not intimately familiar with the Friday the 13th canon, but apparently, prior to switching to a hockey mask after realizing that it's hard to both run and breathe with thick fabric covering your mouth and nose, Jason Voorhees wore a sack over his head for a while. The producers and writers of the new Friday the 13th say they're hoping to condense all of "the key moments from all of the movies" into this latest chapter, so, as the above shot reveals, we briefly get Jason with his head in a bag.

So if they're incorporating all the key moments from all the previous films, does that mean we get the cyborg Jason of Jason X? I argue that is the most key moment. That's the exact point where even the staunchest Friday the 13th fan had to say, "No, but really, what the fuck is going on here?"

First Photo of Sack Head Jason Voorhees! [Shock Till You Drop]

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