Hey, It's the Gambit Guy from X-Men

December 1, 2008


From Empire Magazine, here's the first look at Taylor Kitsch as the cajun, energized playing card-throwing hero Gambit in Wolverine. You can really see the intense thought that went into the casting and wardrobe: "Just get some shady but good-looking dude with long hair, let him grow a day of stubble, boom. There you have it. Gambit. Wait, Gambit is also typically portrayed with red eyes, and wearing a fuschia and black spandex bodysuit, trenchcoat, weird metallic collar thing and earless black fabric head adornment? Yikes. Give ours a purple button-up and a velvet vest. Done. Next."

I'm telling you, movie producers, just make the characters look exactly like the comic. That's practically all that will keep the fans happy. Some costumes may seem ludicrous or even impossible in the real world, but that can be glossed over using a Will Smith-style turn to the camera and the line, "I make this look good."

First Photo of Gambit in Wolverine [Coming Soon]

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