Jim Carrey Better Than Will Smith... For Now

December 22, 2008


These movies made money this weekend. DID YOU?

1. Yes Man - $18.2 million. Speculation is already starting about the loss of Jim Carrey's star power. Good to focus on that, rather than the logic of re-writing Liar Liar with a slightly different gimmick.

2. Seven Pounds - $16 million. Same here--the issue is definitely Will Smith losing his box office dominance, not that absolutely nothing about the film seemed in any way intriguing to anyone.

3. The Tale of Despereaux - $10.5 million. Is Matthew Broderick's voice losing its star power???

4. The Day the Earth Stood Still - $10.2 million. It turns out "the day the earth stood still" does not refer to the birth of baby Jesus. Just some kind of alien thing not at all relevant to Christmas.

5. Four Christmases - $7.7 million. On the other hand, this film was almost exclusively relevant to Christmases. Essentially, it was a movie composed of four distinct Christmases.

Weekend Box Office [Box Office Mojo]

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