Keanu Reeves Not Doing 'Speed 3', Honestly

December 3, 2008


In response to the earlier rumor that Fox is looking to prolong the life of the Speed series and bring back Keanu Reeves in the lead, Neo has already spoken to IGN and completely disavowed any knowledge or participation in the project:

[IGN] asked if he had heard about the online chat and he said, "I honestly don't know anything about it."

He went on: "I don't know if they are going to make another one, and if they are it won't be with me... honestly!"

Jeez, Keanu, you could at least wait and see what it is they want you to keep at a certain speed to avoid explosion. What if it's something good, like keeping a Star Trek Enterprise going warp 6, or keeping the internet running at 28.8 baud rate over an old phone line that's also hooked up to a bomb. Then you're going to feel stupid.

Don't let this discourage you, Fox. You don't need Keanu Reeves. Speed 3 screams Stephen Baldwin and returns an echo of straight-to-DVD.

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