Let's Remake 'Arthur' Too

December 4, 2008


Speaking of remaking '80s movies with unbearable theme songs, British comedian Russell Brand is reportedly looking for writers to develop a new take on 1981's Arthur:

The British comedian is developing a remake of "Arthur," the 1981 comedy that starred Dudley Moore, for Warner Bros. as a potential starring vehicle.

Brand is meeting with scribes to write the screenplay, which will be produced by MBST's Larry Brezner, whose credits range from "Good Morning, Vietnam" to HBO's recent "Little Britain USA."

The original movie followed a boozy playboy rascal who is set to inherit a fortune if he marries an heiress his family thinks will make something out of him. However, he falls in love with a working-class woman and turns to his valet for help when his family makes him choose between money and love.

How is it everyone but the person remaking a movie realizes it's a terrible idea? Is this really what every person with money, celebrity, or some sort of media influence thinks when they finish watching a movie? "Hmm, that was pretty good, but I could have done it better. Let's give it another go, but with me. Arthur, only I'm Arthur." Meanwhile, some producer is, for whatever reason, watching Romancing the Stone and thinking, "It would be great if this exact same scenario were again played out but in a slightly more modern setting." That borders on deranged.

Russell Brand eyeing 'Arthur' redo [THR]

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