MacBooks Are the New Pandora's Box... AGAIN!

December 3, 2008


In September, I mentioned the straight-to-DVD release of Pulse 2, noting that its summary contained the laughable line, "The world has been reshaped by the invasion of ghosts via the wireless internet." That's an extremely stupid concept, but, shockingly, not stupid enough to warrant ending the series. I got this email today:

Are you ready for the most terrorizing digital invasion to date? Prepare yourself for PULSE 3...

Seven years after the last attack by the “soulless ghosts” who haunted the human race twice before, the world is left void of all deadly electronics that almost destroyed it… or so we thought. Living a primitive existence on the outskirts of the city, human survivors are surviving without any trace of technology. That is until 16 year old Justine enters the city and, letting her curiosity get the best of her, opens a working laptop and unknowingly unleashes the most terrifying attack the survivors have ever faced. In a world already torn and without hope, can humanity make it through the toughest struggle of all time?

Is there a secret Luddite consortium that I don't know about dumping funds into these, hoping to instigate technological panic? It's hard to tell if this is cheesy horror or the most ill-conceived propaganda ever made.

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