So Many Star Wars Photos

December 1, 2008


Michael Heilemann has a ridiculously large collection of Star Wars production stills, behind-the-scenes photos, and concept artwork, and rather than just brag about it at comic conventions, he's shared it online. Neatorama pointed me to Heilemann's Flickr photostream, a collection of nearly 3,000 Star Wars-related images, most of which I've never before encountered (or looked for in any way), such as the above shot of George Lucas invasively prodding a Death Star model.

It's really great how the internet affords us such a division of geek labor. Instead of everyone scrambling and fighting to get their own Star Wars pictures, we can have this guy work on gathering this sci-fi photo treasury while someone else works on constructing life-size replicas of cast of Dr. Who out of Lego, and in the end we all share the triumph of minutes of idle entertainment.

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