'Space Buddies' Takes Air Bud to Next Level (Space)

December 1, 2008


As a bit of an Air Bud scholar, let me catch everyone up: since the original Air Bud, everyone's favorite basketball-playing dog has learned he also has the ability to play at least four other sports at the level of a pro athlete (often actually playing in professional leagues, because no one thought to make rules against non-human players), stopped a jewel heist, and spawned a littler of equally-athletic puppies. In the current Bud chronology, the offspring have aged to adulthood, decided to each specialize in one sport, and have been kidnapped by crooks and their trained raccoon (Air himself would later liberate his scions).

But prior to that unfortunate but ultimately failed kidnapping, the puppies had an interesting adolescence: apparently, as this trailer for Space Buddies tells it, they were astronauts at one point, and walked on the moon, and could talk, because who else would you want exploring space but our nation's greatest athletic, partially-sentient dogs? This is so insane:

My favorite part is how the one dog still wears the football under-eye makeup. The Bud family will always be athletes first, astronauts second (probably dogs third).

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