'The Ugly Truth' Trailer is so True: Men and Women ARE Like That!

December 1, 2008


No matter what I think about Hollywood's near-vacuum of originality and tendency to pander to the lowest common denominator, I have to occasionally give credit to them for committing to the kind of daring experimentation that advances the medium. I may never desire watching the Star Wars prequels again, but I can respect how the series' advancements in computer effects. And though I'll never, ever watch The Ugly Truth in its entirety, I can appreciate how this trailer answers the question, "What if you locked a 'men are like this, women are like this' stand-up comic in a room and told him to re-write Hitch using a SpikeTV-ized version of Tom Cruise's character from Mangolia."

It's so romantic when a horrible person and a crazy person are able to find love through misogyny:

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