This 'Brothers Bloom' is Taking FOREVER

December 12, 2008


Remember how good The Brothers Bloom looks? In August, when the trailer came out, I was so ready to let this movie kiss me come January. Now I apparently have to wait even longer. Writer/director Rian Johnson has confirmed on his message board that the film has been pushed back to May:

Summit is announcing today that they're pushing Bloom to limited on May 15th, wide on May 29th. January is crowded with an insane amount of Oscar movies (some being released, some expanding) and Summit decided that Bloom would play better as counter-programming to a few summer movies than to a few dozen oscar ones.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being bummed. I want you guys to see the movie, it feels a little like I've been movie-pregnant for 9 months and my movie-doctor has just told me he'd like me to wait another 6 months before movie-delivering. (Note to anyone who has or will at some point carry an actual real life baby: I only feel like this a little.)

But January is definitely crowded, and May may prove a better spot, so there's logic to Summit's move. So May it is. Sorry guys.

The move puts Bloom up against Angels & Demons, Bruno, and the birthday of actor Chazz Palminteri. I can skip Angels & Demons and Bruno, but I'm sorry, I have to go to Chazz's birthday. I already sent back my Facebook reply and everything.

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