'Watchmen' Video Journal #9: Art Direction Things

December 8, 2008


The official Warner Bros. Watchmen page has a new behind-the-scenes video journal, this one discussing the film's props and set decoration. You know all those objects on the walls, and that the actors wield, and those things the Comedian uses for his prop comedy? They don't make themselves. People are working hard to make sure all those extra details are just right.

I love that even though this is a huge budget movie, when those hard-working people need an actor to fly into the air, they still just attach a rope to an actor, drape it over a pulley, and have some set worker grab the other end and jump off a stool:

Surely some sort of powerful robot arm should be doing the job of the man jumping off a stool holding a rope. This must be some kind of union thing.

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