'While Kim Basinger Was Out Killing Street Toughs' Trailer

December 3, 2008


Vaguely in the tradition of J. Lo's Enough, but more in the tradition of the general practice of shouting "enough" when you've finally had enough, While She Was Out sees Kim Basinger as an abused mother of two who snaps when violently attacked in a mall parking lot. The offending thugs, led by Lukas Haas, pursue, but she's like, "No, I've had enough," and fights back, hitting them with tire irons and things. The film opens December 12th, so this might be a good one to take mom to while you're home visiting to both frighten and empower her.

The trailer implies the entire movie is a mom/thug chase sequence:

I bet it ends with her arriving home to the husband shouting, "Why were you out so long???"

"I couldn't find a parking space." Clck-kch! (Shotgun cocking)

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