Will Ferrell Flees from Dinosaur (Artist's Rendering) in 'Land of the Lost' Poster

December 22, 2008


I don't want this to sound like I'm being disparaging towards dinosaur paintings--I am anything but negative towards dinosaur paintings, having once purchased a Sega Genesis game solely because of its dinosaur painting cover--but I'm not sure a photograph of real people fleeing from what is obviously a dinosaur painting works as a movie poster. Call me old fashioned on the subject of marrying paint and flesh. Either paint the Will Ferrell too or step up the CGI on the dinosaur.

And on the subject of that Dinosaurs for Hire game that was formerly a short-lived comic about 20th century dinosaur mercenaries: you missed an obvious one, Hollywood.

(Thanks, Zyclonis.)

'Land of the Lost' Poster Premiere! [Cinematical]

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