'Wolverine' Shall Have a Vast Toy Line

December 2, 2008


20th Century Fox (best Fox century) has released four new production photos from Wolverine. There aren't any new looks at Gambit, Blob, or Deadpool, who are all in the movie for some reason, but there are some new shots of Wolverine and Sabretooth that reveal that the film is going to produce so many action figures. What kid isn't going to want their mom to buy them a Normandy Wolvie with Post-Traumatic Flashback Projector (above)! Or...


Weapon X Transformation Wolvie with Bubble Tank and Sewer Swimmin' Legs! Or...


Arms Out Wolvie' with Squatting Bell-Bottom Action! Or...


Conversational Wolvie with Intense Stare Head? This will probably be the worst-selling figure.

More 'Wolverine' Photos [Cinematical]

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