'Wolverine' Trailer: See Wolvering & Friends Do Everything Imaginable

December 15, 2008


Here's the trailer for the movie about that Wolverine character. Watching it has done nothing to lessen my reservations about this being something I'd watch more than once, but there's something I like about its unabashed fan pandering I find almost endearing.

Every comic fan of the '90s has wanted to see classically cool characters Gambit and Deadpool in live-action form, so it makes sense to shoehorn those guys into the plot, but the makers of Wolverine have gone so above and beyond that in terms of fulfilling every strange fan wish they could think of. Wolverine in a boxing match against The Blob, the padded gloves covering his primary weapons? Of course that happens. That was always the nucleus of the script. Wolverine launching off a motorcycle onto the back of a moving helicopter? That has been a fan request for so long, they just had to include it. And so much more:

That guy-fighting-a-helicopter-by-leaping-from-another-vehicle sequence is nearly as convincing as the one from Austin Powers 3! And did you catch the shot of Deadpool/Van Wilder Ninja in a Red Shirt?

As long as they were fulfilling every possibly scenario a fanboy might ever desire, why could we not also get Wolverine battle a lightsaber-wielding Terminator Mario army? Yeah, probably copyright issues.

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